Scientific works for protected science topics:
1. Clinical and neuroimmunological parallelism of idiopathic and symptomatic epilepsy.
2. Clinical neurovisual parallelism of moderate cognitive impairment according to cerebrovascular genesis.
3. Extrapyramidal hyperkinesis at an early stage of localization and differentiated treatment while adhering to the principles of tactics.
4. Alzheimer’s disease, early diagnosis and prediction of procedures, new technologies.
5. Headache syndrome, cerebral vascular anomalies, clinical and pathogenetic structure.
6.Pharmacoresistant clinical and neurophysiological research and development of molecular genetic aspects of epilepsy
7. Clinical and pathogenetic rationale for technological rehabilitation and care of patients with stenotic insufficiency of the main arteries of the head.

Form of scientific publications 3.4

Якубова М.М. Шамсиева У.А. Халимова Х.М. Туйчибаева Ф.Р Толибов Д. Саидвалиев Ф.С. Рашидова Н С Рахматуллаевой Г.К. Рахимбаева Г.С. Расулова Д.К Прохорова А.В. Парпиева Ю.Р. Даминова Х.М. Ишанходжаева Г.Т. Джалилова С.Х. Куранбаева С.Р Мирзаева К.С. Мусаева Ю.А. Атаниязов М.К. Асадуллаев М.М Акбарходжаева Зиеда 3.4 Азизова Р.Б.

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